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Adult DK5 Logo T-shirts

Our most popular DK5 style shirts include every color and size you could wish for!

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Infant DK5 Logo Onesie

Our unisex onesies are ultra comfy and stylish. All colors are included!

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Toddler DK5 Logo T- shirts

Our Toddler shirts include all colors, but Garnet!

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Youth DK5 Logo T-shirts

The youth DK5 shirts include Grey, Garnet, White and Black and come in all sizes!

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“Great experience all around! I love my T-Shirt. Kereon was fast and efficient when it came to responding and quick with shipping. I love how it fits. The quality is great and the fabric is very soft. I would highly recommend making a purchase. Excellent shirt! I definitely will be ordering more soon and can’t wait.”

Elissia Cofresi-Horlback

“No flaws, was quick & easy to place a order. Very professional with my order. Also fast shipping!! I can’t wait for more merch!”

Keshaun Raynor

“I am so pleased with the “Can’t Stop Cinco” shirt. The design and quality is excellent! The DK team responded to my questions in a timely and professional manner! The personal hand writing card from Dakereon was a nice touch!”

JaRonna S.